Brandon Na: one of Asia’s Top Test Preparation Instructors.  

SSAT/ISEE Test Preparation: students have regularly achieved 95%+ percentiles with 3 former students obtaining the top score possible – 99% Percentile. Recent acceptances include: The Hotchkiss School, Milton Academy, The Lawrenceville School and Peddie School with former students obtaining offers from Phillips Andover, Brooks, Groton, Middlesex, Tabor, SAS, CIS, among many other top programs including College Prep (San Francisco), Raffles Institution (Singapore) & Dhirubhai Ambani (India).

College Admissions Test Prep: Brandon has also helped students achieve a perfect 2400 on the SAT and a plethora of 2300+’s. On the ACT, he’s helped students reach the 99% Percentile and 99%+ Percentile regularly with perfect 36‘s on the Reading & Essay sections.  Former students have obtained admissions to Stanford, Yale, Carnegie Mellon, Northwestern, Seoul National, Yonsei, Wellesley, NYU, UCSD, UIUC, University of Washington, HKUST, and UBC.

What I can do for you

If you are aiming for higher SSAT or ISEE scores for better education opportunities, I can help you significantly with all section of both exams.  I can help elevate your verbal skills – i.e., vocabulary understanding.  I will help you understand the best strategies to use helping you keep points vs. receiving deductions.  I can also advance your reading skills to the level where you are no longer bogged down with a hazy understanding of the passages.

I work with weak to strong students having helped students raise as high as 99% Percentile from a 30th Percentile beginning score (in 6 weeks!!!).  However, I am very realistic too and will be very upfront about the likelihood after conducting initial complimentary mock exams with you.  I can travel to all areas of Hong Kong and upon special request, I can also fly to other regions in the area and China.


10 Years of Test Preparation, Debate and Writing Instruction

Learn how Brandon, one of the world’s Top SSAT/ISEE instructors (based in Hong Kong) helped students repeatedly obtain 95% Percentile or higher on the exams.  Tell him of your interest in helping your incredible daughter or son earn the chance to learn with the best by contacting him now.  

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