Example of Our Student’s Before SSAT Score

In order to obtain entrance into the top boarding schools in the United States, you need to obtain high scores on the Secondary School Admissions Test.  The exam isn’t easy for most students and as a result, we offer the best in SSAT Test Preparation.

Example of Our Student’s AFTER SSAT Score

Passionate about helping elementary and middle school students improve their lives through higher scores on the SSAT, many parents have come to SSAT Master and Brandon Na to help their students.

Former Students/Parents Testimonials:

Hi Brandon, [Student’s Name] got into Andover, Exeter, Choate and Hotchkiss!! Thank you for your guidance and preparation along this journey, be it informationally and psychologically, and we really appreciate it!

~Parent of a Hong Kong-based student, March 2019

Brandon is an amazing teacher who is passionate about teaching and cares for his students! Our son achieved very high score for the SSAT under the tutelage of Brandon in a short period of time so I am confident to say that Brandon’s method really works!”

~Parent of a Hong Kong International School student preparing for the Top 10 Boarding Schools


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Additional testimonials about Brandon, the SSAT Master:

It’s rare to come across a teacher as good as Brandon…

He has been an excellent teacher, and has consistently thought of ways to help me improve not only within class but also outside of class. Even though we stopped classes due to my tight schedule, we have kept in touch and he has still acted as a mentor and friend outside of class.

~J. Siu, Hong Kong

I was his student in CDI academy, Ulsan 6-7 years ago.
Though many years have passed, I clearly remember him as a very passionate teacher.

He especially gave really good advice on writing English essays.
Even after I quit the academy, he was still willing to give feedbacks by e-mail. Also, his encouraging words helped me a lot when I was struggling with my own problems.

The past 6-7 years proved me that he is a responsible person with a caring personality.

~A. Lee, Current Seoul National University student

I think he’s a great instructor in many ways. 

Even some students who do not have any interest in certain subjects & topics, through him, I think it will be a good start to approach to new studies for the kids/students…

He’s the best teacher in my life and a great friend at the same time.

~S. Lee, Busan, South Korea

Brandon is an amazing combination of talent, intellect, and energy. He is a professional who has a genuine passion for the work that he is doing. He is generous with his time and constant generation of ideas which will add value to your business. Additionally, his excellent communication skills & a high level of enthusiasm make him a delight to work with.

~S. Chung, Seoul, South Korea


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