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The education wasn’t worth a damn. ”

~Rainer Weiss, Nobel Laureate in Physics

The Nobel Prize is one of the top accolades anybody can achieve.  As a result, we regularly associate the winners with being the “best minds” in society.  As a result, we’ve collected both the latest “Nobel Minds” series from 2014 through 2020 and all the videos on “Education” from the organization.

For our future learners, we hope this is as didactic as it was for these people who have  learned whatever it took to win.

5 Nobel Laureates on their Favorite Teachers

The Nobel Minds Series of Videos








“Education” Videos by the Nobel Prize

The future of school education

The Challenge of Learning: The Future of Education

What is education for?

Education is the most powerful weapon

Equity and Excellence: The future of education

The future of education w/ Brian Schmidt

Achieving gender equality in education w/ Frances Arnold

The challenge of learning; The future of education

What can people in poor countries do to improve science education?

Funding of public higher education in the USA

What can neuroscience tell us about learning?

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