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SSAT Middle Level Practice Test 1 – Verbal – Synonyms

The following is an example of the verbal section of the SSAT focusing on synonyms for the Middle Level.  Normally, you would have 30 synonym exercises and 30 analogy questions to complete within 30 minutes.  As a result, you would have approximately 30 seconds to complete each item on the verbal section of the real test  In today’s practice exam, there will be 5 synonym questions.

You will need a piece of scratch paper to write down each answer and you will need to complete it within the number of minutes you will discover in the following question:

As a fun exercise to prepare for the quantitative section of the test, how many minutes do you think you would have by only have 5 total verbal questions compared to the complete exam?  Write down the answer at the top of your piece of scratch paper and use a timer to limit yourself to this period.  The potential answers are: a) 1 minute b) 5 minutes c) 2.5 minutes d) 3 minutes

After you are ready, you may start. 

  1.  tedious

Choices are: a) relentless b) miserable c) extreme d) spirited e) boring

2.  horde

Choices are: a) fusion b) obstacle c) incident d) multitude e) banker

3.  aspire

Choices are: a) lapse b) focus c) pursue d) foresee e) seize

4.  industrious

Choices are: a) diligent b) effective c) equipped d) knowledgeable e) gratifying

5. burdensome

Choices are: a) nimble b) vibrant c) brawny d) strenuous e) effortless

The answers for these questions will come in a post tomorrow.  

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