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3 Creative Personal Statement Examples for Harvard (or other top University)

In my 20+ years of teaching and my 8+ years advising on personal statements, I’ve found 3 college bound essays inspiring.  Normally, I don’t share these until we start working together as tutor and student, but I’ve decided to divulge this for the first time for the many who need it and can’t afford the tuition.

This first essay was my first find when looking for:

Examples for Students to Emulate for 1 Page Personal Statements

The “Zebra” Essay (college personal statement) – #1 Top Creative Example

There comes a time in every man’s life when he must answer a character-defining question: If you could have a super power, what would it be? This hypothetical subject has been debated among underage heroes for centuries; it has been heard on playgrounds, in tree houses, and under manholes all over the planet. Its answers come as varied as transliterated spellings of “Hanukkah.” Read more

Dandelion Dreams Essay | Top Harvard Personal Statement Examples

Top 50 Harvard Application Essay Example #50

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege to help many high schoolers write their personal statements.  Fortunately, many got into their dreams schools including Carnegie Mellon University, Northwestern University and UCLA.  Frankly, some of them probably wouldn’t have garnered admissions if it weren’t for the examples they were able to emulate before obtaining acceptance.  However, most of them didn’t even know these existed.

Fortunately for them, I did.

I have a batch of favorite essays I share with my students.  With our blog, I plan on sharing many of them with some of you out there who are aiming to do the same.  The following is one of my favorites that I’ve had the privilege to discover.  And it wasn’t because it was right in front of me.

This one in particular was the LAST essay example in the book “50 Successful Harvard Application Essays.”

“Dandelion Dreams” By Emmeline Chuang 

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