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What SSAT Scores are Needed for Admissions into the The Hotchkiss School in Connecticut?

SSAT Scores for Top Boarding School Programs

As you can see from our ranking of the Top 25 Boarding Schools, Hotchkiss ranks towards the top.  As a result, you can already estimate that it would require a very high score on the boarding/Independent school exam to be considered into the top program.  If you want to see our recommendations, skip below for SSAT scores guidance and ignore the news that the top private school recently shared.

“As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the school has decided to give: 

We appreciate that many applicants will complete some form of standardized testing and will want to include these results with their applications, which we will continue to welcome. In parallel, however, we are aware that the pandemic has made it significantly more challenging for many students to register and sit for administered tests. Some students may also face technology barriers to testing at home.

It is our belief that standardized testing is only one component of a student’s application. Assessing whether or not a young person will be a good fit with the Hotchkiss community relies on the broader context of each student’s academic and lived experience, and we do not want testing to be a barrier to entry for talented young people. Therefore, our application process will be test optional for the coming admission cycle.

Students are welcome to submit SSAT or ISEE, but they will not be required. Students who are unable to take the SSSAT or ISEE, or who choose not to submit their scores, will not be disadvantaged in the application process.

Now, does that mean everyone should simply ignore the exam?

We would argue no matter what is said publicly, the fact remains it’s a competitive program.  Also, after the pandemic, the standards will still remain the same: it’s an elite program that many students would die to obtain admissions.

With that said, there is very little accurate information that is available publicly guiding students and parents in figuring out what is a “strong” and potential acceptable score on the SSAT.

SSAT Score Recommendations for Hotchkiss

Since the admissions process is holistic and is not strictly based on a score (and as you’ve already read, it’s not even required), there will be very little, if any documentation that says XYZ score is what you need.  With that said, we found a few different sources of SSAT scores that serve you guidance.

From “Top Test Prep“:

“Hotchkiss remained one of the most selective this year once more at a 16% admissions rate, tied with St. Paul’s.It required an 85th percentile SSAT score for 2013.”

A Prep school similar to Top Test Prep cited the same exact information here.

Another company cited (most likely) incorrect information.  They probably copied the date information from the above and assumed it was correct.  It goes to show that you have to be careful when doing your research.

Smapse Education in the UK stated (as of 12/14/2020):

“The private school-board Hotchkiss School is focused on teaching students of grades 9-12, helping senior students enter university. Academic standards of education are very high here, which makes the school one of the best in the country – its graduates easily enter the most prestigious universities of the country and the world (including the legendary universities of the Ivy League), and the Hotchkiss School itself regularly enters the national TOP-10 . The average score of graduates for the SSAT exam is 2013.”

This would put the students’ score as an 8th grade boy in the 51st Percentile.  This is definitely not a score I would recommend as a minimum to any student.

For 8th grade girls, it would be in the 57th percentile which is still well below the scores you would need to obtain 9th grade admissions if all other signals remain the same. You can see from the schools right above the top program, you would need scores in the range of:

So, even a little below hits the mark cited by the 2 test prep programs identified above.  Our recommendations would be to hit the 85% mark, but as we’ve told many past students, getting a higher score will make it easier.

At the same time, you still need to focus on:

  • Extracurricular, Personal, and Volunteer Activities
  • Academic and Personal Achievements
  • Multimedia
  • Family Information
  • Additional Information
  • Personal Interview
  • and to a certain degree, your financial need

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