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What SSAT scores can get you into St. Paul’s School in Concord, NH?

As with any top boarding school, St. Paul’s School’s (SPS) admissions requirements are quite high.  As we’ve already reported, the top 2 programs in the United States have standards that approach almost perfect.  St. Paul’s in Concord ranks as as high as the #3 boarding school program in the United States.  Being a top 3 private institution, you’ll see it requires very high scores.

SSAT Median Ranges for SPS’ Class of 2022

From their SPS at a glance from their admissions for 2018-19, they tell you:

Applications 1374
Percent admitted 16.8%
SSAT Middle 50% Quantitative 710-767
SSAT Middle 50% Verbal 686-758
SSAT Middle 50% Reading 674-725

However, these ranges depend on what grade the student is and what sex.  We’ll make an assumption that most of these kids are 8th graders applying to start their 9th grade at SPS.  Applying these assumptions, the median for admitted applicants are estimated as:

8th Grade Girls’ SSAT Median Percentile Range Estimates for SPS

Quantitative 710-767 (72-94%)*
Verbal 686-758 (68-95%)*
Reading 674-725 (63-93%)*

8th Grade Boys’ SSAT Median Percentile Ranges Estimates for SPS

Quantitative 710-767 (59-87%)*
Verbal 686-758 (65-93%)*
Reading 674-725 (64-93%)*

*Note: applying the median ranges above to the assumptions could be inaccurate because as shown, the grade and sex of the student can alter the estimated percentile.  Additionally, these ranges are extrapolated from the 2011-2012 Interpretive Guide to the SSAT from the Secondary School Admission Test Board which is no longer available online.  Fortunately, we have one of the few available copies.  

For other guides from professionals in the industry and alum of the top boarding school, we’ve offer the following.

One “Top” Test Prep Company Estimates ~89% as an Average SSAT Score

We found a comparison by one prep academy that equated the admissions competitiveness.

TOP Test Prep Estimates for SPS' SSAT Percentile

In their 2014 boarding school rankings, they stated:

“St. Paul’s continues their tradition of academic excellence by having some of the Ivies such as Harvard, Columbia, Yale and Princeton consistently in their top 10 college matriculation.  St. Paul’s also has an average SSAT score at 89th percentile and a low acceptance rate at 15%.”

Another test prep company estimates 89%

Summit Educational Group Estimates for SPS 2016-17 - 1Summit Educational Group Estimates for SPS 2016-17 - 2

The sources they cite are: Source: boardingschoolreview.com and startclass.com

There aren’t many past students who’ve shared their experience, but the we found one student who shared their SSAT percentile:

Answering the question:

What’s the average SSAT score (if there is a threshold) in 2016/17 for Phillips Academy, Phillips Exeter Academy, and St. Paul’s School (Concord)?

M Purvis, studied at St. Paul’s School, Concord, NH

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Disclaimer: As with all of our guides, they are ONLY meant to be for reference and are by no means definitive.  Our goal is help save you a significant amount of time in your process of trying to obtain admissions to these top boarding school programs.  Through our many years of experience in the industry, we find these estimates to be acceptable range approximations and standards.  

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