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The Hill School

What SSAT scores can get you into the Hill School in Pottstown, PA?

Considered a top 25 US boarding school, the Hill School offers a wealth of educational opportunities for its alumni. As a result, many potential candidates and their parents are curious as to what SSAT scores are required for admission.

What SSAT score do I need to get into the Hill School?

As mentioned in our profile, the Hill School requires percentiles between 75%-85% according to the Boarding School Review.  They post an 80% for the average SSAT score in their profile of the boarding school.

In a post on College Confidential, they list off the average SSAT scores for many of the top boarding schools.  They estimate in a similar range:

SSAT Scores - the Hill School - College Confidential

There aren’t any sources for the scores.  There appears to be an assumption it might be the Boarding School Review averages, but doing a quick spot check on one of the schools in the list (Colorado Rocky Mountain), it stated 80% in the list.  However, in the profile on the BSR site, it stated 63% which is obviously far off from what was listed in college confidential.  So, do believe these estimates with a grain of a salt.

With this said…

While there appears to be very little in the way of sources, sometimes what is said becomes the truth or at least the perception begins to obtain acceptance.  Regardless, with what limited information is available online, students and parents alike may be aiming for this range for acceptance into the school.

The college confidential post was spread to another site citing it already.

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Disclaimer: As with all of our guides, they are ONLY meant to be for reference and are by no means definitive.  Our goal is help save you a significant amount of time in your process of trying to obtain admissions to these top boarding school programs.  Through our many years of experience in the industry, we find these estimates to be acceptable range approximations and standards.  

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