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What SSAT scores can get you into The Lawrenceville School?

In most of our estimates, we identify it’s very rare that the school itself tells us exactly what their SSAT requirements are.  However, for Lawrenceville, we have several estimates straight from the top boarding school’s website and recent past publications of the school.

Straight from their admissions pages, they answer the question: What is your SSAT score average?

Lawrenceville’s average SSAT score historically has been 85%

Avg SSAT Score from Admissions 09-05-2019

From the schools’ fact sheet n 2014:

Mean SSAT score for entering Second Formers was 84 in 2014 and 81 in 2003.

And Boarding School Review estimates approximately 83%

Boarding School Reviews Lawrenceville Profile

Lastly, here are 2 student profiles we found recently who were accepted to Lawrenceville among many other top programs.

Case #1: Female student from Kazakhstan applying to 10th grade with an SSAT score of 87% Percentile


Hello everyone,
I am a female from Kazakhstan and am applying for 10th grade to several schools, but my top choice is Lawrenceville.
I speak english and russian fluently, I’m pretty good at french and am also learning kazakh.

My school grades are:
English A-
Maths A
Physics A
Chemistry A+
Geography A+
Biology A
Kazakh B+
French A
I am doing maths 2 years ahead (currently doing calculus for grade 11/12)
And french and english 1 year ahead.
My ssat score was 87 percentile, and I got an 800 in maths.

My extracurriculars are:
Soccer team
Basketball team (captain)
Volleyball team
Maths olympiad team (have a few awards)
Duke of Edinburgh award (bronze level)
Sport captain for my house

I’m also really into STEM and I’ve passed an online course in astrophysics from Harvard.
My recommendations are very strong.
I’m really anxious about my decisions, I’m not sure if I’ll get in or not.
These are all the schools I applied to:
Loomis Chaffee

Her confirmation was posted shortly thereafter:

Hey! I noticed I haven’t posted my decisions here so here they are:
Accepted to; l’ville, deerfield, cranbrook, peddie, taft, loomis, NMH waitlisted: Milton and andover
I will be attending L’ville

04-28-2019 at 5:44 am

And CavFan2003 shared his acceptance to Lawrenceville, Hotchkiss & Choate.

His profile which includes a 98% Percentile on the exam:

Heyo all! I’m honestly more curious then anything, now that all my applications are in. I applied to 11 schools: Brooks, Concord, Choate, Loomis Chaffee, Hotchkiss, Exeter, St. Mark’s, Andover, Groton, NMH, and Lawrence Academy.

About me:

I’m a 15 (16 in less than 3 weeks!) white trans male sophomore living in Indiana. I attend large urban public school. My family income is around $42,000, so I applied for full aid (zoinks)

My stats:

2316 SSAT, or in the 98th percentile
3.98 W/3.93 UW GPA, grades were low 2nd semester freshman year because of family stuff which I’ve detailed too many times
38/469 class rank (yikes)
1420 SAT score

My ECs:

-DECA state qualifier in the Integrated Marketing Campaign event
-Winner of a big local business competition
-Nominated to compete in a business competition on behalf that I’m a good marketer
-JV and V bowling, played mainly JV
-Participated on both the academic spell bowl and academic super bowl teams, team placed 4th at area in spell bowl but I was denoted a “Top Speller”
-Employed at Taco Bell, work around 10-15 hours a week
-Was appointed to a spirit council by teachers and senior members, only 5 sophomores out of 469 were chosen
-Student Council, was nominated to represent as a district rep but wasn’t able to because of requirements
-Student ambassador, lead freshmen around on tours, help during registration
-Administrator and head developer of a large academic online community
-Helped dad lay floor
-Scripps Area Spelling Champion in 8th grade
-Taught myself Python and C++, working on personal projects, studying for USACO Open
-Was NJHS president back in 8th grade
-JV track, track and XC all through middle school, was a conference championship qualifier in shot put and discus throw
-Spanish Club

My essays, to me, were good, but I know myself, and I suck at guessing how good my stuff is so I’m the least credible source. I’d like to think my recs said nice stuff about me but, again, can’t really tell.

I do think my biggest weakness is the lack of Fortnite wins, but if I send a taco to the AOs, that should make up for it.

Soooo… yeah? This stuff is fun, almost feels like a game.

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