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What’s the average SSAT score for Deerfield Academy Admissions?

Boarding School Review, a popular online information portal for boarding schools tells us that the top 5 school is one of their highest SSAT scoring boarding schools:

Boarding school review SSAT - top 20 ssat averages

As you can see, they recommend:

Above 85% Percentile for Deerfield as a Minimum

Deerfield Academy boarding school review profile - 86 percentile

Specifically, in their BSR profile, they say their average is 86% Percentile

Using a few specific examples, we learn from a student applying from a Central Asian country and former Soviet republic got in with a:

87% Percentile from Kazakhstan

She applied for the 10th grade and details her profile here.  Not only was she accepted to Deerfield, but also to Lawrenceville, Cranbrook, Peddie, Taft, Loomis Chafee and Northfield Mount Hermon.  She was waitlisted to Milton and Andover.

From another thread in 2014, one student asked if 76-83 percentiles are acceptable.  An alum or current student pointed out that the requirements were in the

High 80 Percentiles” by Deerfield student:

SSAT Avgs Above 80 Percentile College Confidential


87% Percentile by Top Test Prep

87 percentile by top test prep


Lastly, one more SSAT test prep company based in Massachusetts estimates:

85% Percentile for Deerfield Academy

Summit Educational SSAT Avg for DeerfieldSummit Educational SSAT Avg for Deerfield - 2

Just in case you haven’t applied or sent your scores yet, here are:

Deerfield’s SSAT & ISEE school codes:

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Disclaimer: As with all of our guides, they are ONLY meant to be for reference and are by no means definitive.  Our goal is help save you a significant amount of time in your process of trying to obtain admissions to these top boarding school programs.  Through our many years of experience in the industry, we find these estimates to be acceptable range approximations and standards.  

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