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What’s the Average SSAT score for Phillips Exeter Academy’s Admissions?

90% Percentile at a bare minimum” for Exeter

Updated 11/2022

You could easily argue that prospective students should score as high as 99% Percentile for the SSAT for Phillips Exeter Academy.  At the same time, as we’ll repeat time after time, it depends on all the other aspects of a student’s application/profile.  For example, if you’re an Olympic grade sprinter or child prodigy that’s discovered a new element to add to the Periodic Table, you may not need to score as high as a student who lacks other characteristics Exeter may be looking for in a future alum.

With that said, most future applicants are still looking for guidance (as well as their parents).  Without further adieu, we’ll provide all the guidance that’s been documented online.

Test Prep Company Argues 90 or 94% Percentile as an Average for Exeter

SSAT Score for Exeter Admissions by Top Test Prep

In a 2013-14 guide provided a test prep company that provides insights re: boarding school admissions, they identified the above as their bottom line.  At the same time, in another online publication of theirs, they point out that 94% Percentile is their average.

91% Percentile is Argued by Exeter Student

Exeter student says 91 percentile is the average

As you can see in the first subpoint, a student who answered the question: “How can I get admitted to Phillips Exeter?” on Quora says the average is 91% Percentile.  It’s hard to argue against inside information.

92% to 99% Percentiles Divulged by other Exeter Alumni

Answering the following question, several current and past Phillips Exeter Academy students shared their marks:

What SSAT percentile did you get that got you into Phillips Andover/Exeter? Past & Current Alum Divulge their percentiles & scores

Felix Yeung, studies at Phillips Exeter Academy (2021)

At a bare minimum, aim for 85% or Higher

Most admissions officers/directors of boarding schools will say publicly that the 85% Percentile level is the minimum. I recorded a number of them saying that here on this Youtube playlist: Top Boarding School Admissions Officers.

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Disclaimer: As with all of our guides, they are ONLY meant to be for reference and are by no means definitive.  Our goal is help save you a significant amount of time in your process of trying to obtain admissions to these top boarding school programs.  Through our many years of experience in the industry, we find these estimates to be acceptable range approximations and standards.  

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