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St Pauls School

What SSAT scores can get you into St. Paul’s School in Concord, NH?

As with any top boarding school, St. Paul’s School’s (SPS) admissions requirements are quite high.  As we’ve already reported, the top 2 programs in the United States have standards that approach almost perfect.  St. Paul’s in Concord ranks as as high as the #3 boarding school program in the United States.  Being a top 3 private institution, you’ll see it requires very high scores.

SSAT Median Ranges for SPS’ Class of 2022

From their SPS at a glance from their admissions for 2018-19, they tell you:

Applications 1374
Percent admitted 16.8%
SSAT Middle 50% Quantitative 710-767
SSAT Middle 50% Verbal 686-758
SSAT Middle 50% Reading 674-725

However, these ranges depend on what grade the student is and what sex.  We’ll make an assumption that most of these kids are 8th graders applying to start their 9th grade at SPS.  Applying these assumptions, the median for admitted applicants are estimated as:

8th Grade Girls’ SSAT Median Percentile Range Estimates for SPS

Quantitative 710-767 (72-94%)*
Verbal 686-758 (68-95%)*
Reading 674-725 (63-93%)*

8th Grade Boys’ SSAT Median Percentile Ranges Estimates for SPS

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What’s the Average SSAT score for Phillips Exeter Academy’s Admissions?

“90% Percentile at a bare minimum” for Exeter

You could easily argue that prospective students should score as high as 99% Percentile for the SSAT for Phillips Exeter Academy.  At the same time, as we’ll repeat time after time, it depends on all the other aspects of a student’s application/profile.  For example, if you’re an Olympic grade sprinter or child prodigy that’s discovered a new element to add to the Periodic Table, you may not need to score as high as a student who lacks other characteristics Exeter may be looking for in a future alum.

With that said, most future applicants are still looking for guidance (as well as their parents).  Without further adieu, we’ll provide all the guidance that’s been documented online.

Test Prep Company Argues 90 or 94% Percentile as an Average for Exeter

SSAT Score for Exeter Admissions by Top Test Prep

In a 2013-14 guide provided a test prep company that provides insights re: boarding school admissions, they identified the above as their bottom line.  At the same time, in another online publication of theirs, they point out that 94% Percentile is their average.

91% Percentile is Argued by Exeter Student

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Harvard front gate

Top 10 Tips on How to get into Harvard University as an Undergraduate + Several Bonus Strategies

My answer became quite popular on Quora.  As a result, I thought I would share it with our readers here on our site helping many of you potential Harvard applicants.

Top 10 Strategies for Applying to Harvard + 4 Bonus Tips

For our Quora visitors, scroll quickly to the #11th tip in blue below for the extra tips: 

1) Become the valedictorian of Stanford’s Online High School and tell Harvard’s admissions team that you’ve had a change of heart. You’ve realized you should have went to Harvard’s Online High School. And since there is no such thing, Harvard Undergrad would be a fine substitute.

2) Get your parents to donate $400 million and 1 dollars to Harvard edging out A Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager Made Harvard’s Biggest Donation Ever. I’m thinking the admissions committee “might” give you a stronger look at your application. Ridiculous? Quite possibly. However, the typical 5% chance most people are faced won’t be the same for this future donor most likely.

Further support for this point comes from an edit:

Peter Malkin graduated from Harvard Law School in 1958. He became a very wealthy real estate businessman, and huge donor. In 1985, the university’s indoor athletic facility was renamed the Malkin Athletic Center in his honor. All three of Malkin’s children went to Harvard. By 2009, five of his six college-age grandchildren had followed suit. (One brave boy dared to go to Stanford instead.)

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wa best private schools

Top Washington State Private Schools

Most selective private schools in Washington (Admission rate)

1. Lakeside School (17%)
2. University Child Development School (20%)
3. Renton Prep Christian: Microsoft’s First US K-12 Flagship School Participant (22%)
4. The Overlake School (23%)
5. The Bush School (25%)
6. Lake Washington Girls Middle School (26%)
7. Open Window School (30%)
8. Bertschi School (35%)
9. Amazing Grace Christian School: A Microsoft Showcase School (37%)
10. St. Thomas School (41%)


2020 Best Top 10 Private High Schools in Washington

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The Hill School

What SSAT scores can get you into the Hill School in Pottstown, PA?

Considered a top 25 US boarding school, the Hill School offers a wealth of educational opportunities for its alumni. As a result, many potential candidates and their parents are curious as to what SSAT scores are required for admission.

What SSAT score do I need to get into the Hill School?

As mentioned in our profile, the Hill School requires percentiles between 75%-85% according to the Boarding School Review.  They post an 80% for the average SSAT score in their profile of the boarding school.

In a post on College Confidential, they list off the average SSAT scores for many of the top boarding schools.  They estimate Read more

The Hill School: Boarding School Profile, Background & Important Details

The Hill School

Pottstown, Pennsylvania, USA

Co-Ed, No Religious Affiliation

Founded in 1851, The Hill School is a coeducational independent boarding and day high school for young men and women from around the world. Hailing from 32 states and 29 countries, Hill students live and learn in a close-knit community with peers who are diverse, talented, and driven to excel.

When families visit campus, they often ask, “What makes The Hill School different from other schools?” Simply put, we are The Family Boarding School. To us that means enjoying meals together in our Dining Room, having fun and sharing laughs with friends in the dormitories, and gathering as a community for Chapel services twice per week. These traditions – fused with rigorous academics, international diversity, and real-world learning opportunities – create a transformative high school experience for every student.

SSAT Average Scores for the Hill School

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9th Grade Girls Percentile Ranks


Top SSAT Percentile Ranks - 8th Gr Girls

It’s might be a bit confusing as to what a student needs to accomplish in order to score high on the SSAT Exam.

For thousands, if not tens to hundreds of thousands of students throughout the world studying for the exam, you have to wait until you finish the SSAT and get your scores before you find out you are a 93% Percentile or a 99% Percentile or maybe even a 50% Percentile. However, when you’re aiming for a Top U.S. Boarding School or even many other International Boarding Schools that accept the scores for their admissions, you don’t know exactly out of the 60 Verbal Questions or the 50 Quantitative (Math) Questions or the 40 Reading Questions you need to get correct. Read more

eight schools association logo

Is there an Ivy League for Boarding Schools?

A: Yes, you could argue there is.  It’s called the:

Eight Schools Association

Composed of 8 of the top elite boarding programs, the “Eight Schools Association” (ESA) is a group of private college-preparatory schools in the Northeast United States.”  It includes 7 of our top boarding schools and an 8th that could very easily be in that list:

  • Phillips Academy Andover (#1)
  • Philips Exeter Academy (#2)
  • St. Paul’s School (#3)
  • Deerfield Academy (#4)

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